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More Information about Storefront Broken Glass Repair

Glass repair is a necessity for the security of any property. It is a part of its maintenance. If you are in Alexandria, VA and ever need professional glass services with exceptional results, our team will happy to give you a hand. Here is a description of what Allbright Glass does:

Glass Installation

Glass installation is a task that should never be handled by an inexperienced person. It is a project that is easy for us due to our experience in the business. New glass installation or replacement is often preceded by removing the old windows or skylights. After they are carefully removed, we install the new replacements. It is a very tricky process that we perform with the latest tools and equipment. Our services will make your home or office more energy-efficient, safer, and more protected from the elements.

Emergency Board Up

We offer 24/7 emergency board up services in case your storefront or home glass has been shattered and its replacement needs to be postponed. When your request comes in, we will do our best to respond in a timely manner and come to place plywood on your windows. This could also be done in an attempt to protect your home from a hurricane or severe weather conditions or it could be done after the storm. It is still worthwhile investing in this service even if the storm has passed. It prevents additional damage and it keeps intruders away.

Storefront Glass Repair

Your business depends on the good presentation it creates through its glass display. If you come to work one day only to find the glass has been shattered or cracked, take advantage of our storefront broken glass repair service. We are experts at removing the old glass and installing the new one in a safe and quick manner. We are detail-oriented. This means the whole glass replacement process will be carried out with attention to detail and a focus on efficiency. We’ll also make sure you get a free price estimate first so you are fully in the know how much the service will cost you.

Glass Repair

Glass is a fragile material that can break as a result of an impact. Our professional crew has years of experience fixing various glass issues, such as scratches cracks, foggy glass, condensation between the panels, and more. Let us inspect your glass units to determine the best repair method. We will contribute to your improved health and well-being. Our staff can fix all kinds of glassware, like shower glass doors, casements, skylights, glass doors, and much more.

Glass repair

Emergency Boards-ups

Determining how much protection you need is the key to success. Openings that are at least 10′ off the ground are susceptible to breakage during a hurricane. These openings have to be properly boarded up to avoid a major disaster. Our team has worked on jobs, including windows, porches, doors, and other exterior structures. We provide protection from the elements, wildlife, and vandals.

Patio Door Repair

If you need a glass patio door repair, we’re there to help! If the damage is beyond repair, we’ll replace it with new. Perhaps you have one of these sliding doors and it has fogged window panes or leaking doorways. Its replacement and repair can be labor-intensive and take much more money when approached by someone who is not experienced enough. If you want to avoid that, turning to our experts should be the next step you make! A free quote will be given to you when you call our pros, don’t forget to ask for it. We’ll come assess the situation and if a replacement is needed, take measurements!

Window Glass Repair

Did the neighborhood kids accidentally hit your window glass with a ball while playing? Did your windows get damaged during a powerful storm? There are many ways in which window glass can get cracked or completely shatter. We have the expertise needed to provide proper broken window glass repair services at a fair cost. Our professionals will inspect the glass and recommend the best course of action to the client. If the crack is small and shallow enough, we can repair it using the proper resin compound and tested methods. However, for more extensive damage, we might recommend a window glass replacement.

Other Services

Installing and repairing glassware is our specialist area of expertise. Our technicians are very careful when it comes to working with this fragile material. You can hire us for projects, like fixing patio doors, shower doors, storefront broken glass repair, and skylights.

Allbright Glass offers emergency glass services for all property owners in Alexandria, VA. Your safety, protection, and peace of mind are of the greatest importance for our company. If you need us, we will arrive quickly to check the condition of your windows and doors and deliver you quick repairs. Just call us at (571) 982-9434.